Ghazi Library
Command and Staff College, Quetta

The History of College Library dates back to 1905 when the College was temporarily established at Deolali, India. In  1907   when the College  shifted from   Deolali to Quetta, the Library was housed in one room. The new Library Complex completed in August 1992 was inaugurated by the then COAS General Abdul Waheed, NI (M), HI (M)   in June 1993. In   June   2002   it was named Ghazi Library after Lieutenant Gen Tariq Waseem Ghazi   (ex Commandant) in  recognition of his untiring  efforts  for  the  College  in  general  and  Library in particular.

The  story  of the Library will be incomplete without mentioning the crucial role played  by Lieutenant  Colonel (later Commander - In - Chief of Pakistan Army) Agha  Mohammad  Yahya Khan who was member of the Faculty at the time of independence. He safeguarded  the repository  from the Indian Faculty Members who wanted to split  the Library  and peculate  a portion to  India.  Lieutenant Colonel Yahya  slept in the Library  for several  consecutive nights shielding this treasure of knowledge.

The College Library, in its present shape  is a tastefully  decorated  repository  of knowledge  which  is  stocked  with 54,000  books on a wide  variety  of subjects including  2500  rare  books,  published  prior  to  1905.  The oldest  book  in  the Library “The History of the Present State of the Ottoman Empire” dates back to 1686. The adorned  dome  and  murals  depicting  ideal  leadership attributes and Muslim history always fascinate our visitors.

Fresh Arrivals

  • Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion
  • Arab-Iranian Relations
  • Jihadism Transformed
  • A World in Disarray
  • Indus Divided : India, Pakistan and the River Basin Dispute
  • Iran Without Borders
  • Secular Jinnah & Pakistan
  • Islamism: What it Means for the Middle East and the World
  • Islamic Civilization in Thirty Lives: The First 1,000 Years
  • International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
  • International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
  • International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
  • International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
  • Asia's Cauldron
  • The Revenge of Geography
  • World Order
  • Psychology
  • Psychology Its Principles and Meanings
  • A modern Introduction to Logic
  • The Soviet Bloc